Confirm your qualification and certificate Apply for the MOEACA certificate.


Submit the application for the use of E-invoice Fill out the required application forms.


Sign the contract with FMP Value-Added Service Center. After confirming the terms of contract, we will arrange a series of professional preparations for setting up.


Activation Once you are allowed to use e-invoice, National Taxation Bureau will issue the official document to you. it usually takes about 2 days for the local branch or office of National Taxation Bureau to review and approve, then you will be able to apply for the account and alphanumeric letters of uniform invoice on the E-invoice platform.


Get started Through the platform provided by FMP Value-Added Service Center, you can inquire and grasp the situation of e-invoice uploading at any time. Also, there will be reports of statistics for you to inspect.

You can choose the most suitable project based on the volume of invoices you issue.

Special price for our new customer: New customer will only pay NT$6,000 for 200,000 invoices at first year – which means it only costs less than NT$17 a day.

Plan in 2019

System setting fee NT$1,800/ each time
System maintenance fee The volume of invoices (per month) Quarterly Payment Yearly Payment (Fixed price: Monthly maintenance fee)
1~1,000 2,280 8,640 800
1,001~5,000 3,420 12,960 1,200
5,001~10,000 4,275 16,200 1,500
10,001以上 7,125 27,000 2,500


  • Currency:TWD
  • The effective period for every offer is one year, it can't be carried over to the next contract.
  • When the contract expires or the invoices run out, both are seen as the end of the current contract.
  • If lapsed customers did not renew contract within 6 months, they will be considered new customers and be charged of system setting fee again.
  • Taxes are included in the prices listed above.
  • This plan ends on Dec 31, 2019, depends on FMP's receiving time.