Formosan Magazine Press has been dedicated to publishing foreign magazine in Taiwan since 1946. We are a distributor of more than 1000 kinds of foreign magazines, including the magazines from the U.S.A., Europe, Japan, Korea and so on. With more than millions of magazine and newspaper circulated every year, we have become the most reputable and biggest foreign magazine distributor in Taiwan.

One of our main management philosophies is making people in Taiwan connect with the world, we believe that reading is a great medium to help us know the world deeper.  In addition, we’ve always put our efforts into building up a complete service system, our professional and experienced staff can solve various problems from customers effectively.



Milestones in E-invoice service

  • 2012 – Assist Microsoft in E-invoice Implementation
  • Oct, 2017 – Officially become a Value Added Service Center
  • Dec, 2017 – Assist members of Taiwan Gas Inspection Association to implement electronic invoices

Chronicle of events


  • Formosan Magazine Press was founded in 1946, and we acted as agents for several well-known foreign magazines, such as Time, Life and Reader’s Digest.


  • Became the agency of Reader’s Digest Japanese Edition in 1961.
  • In 1965, we started distributing Reader’s Digest Chinese Edition.


  • In 1974, FMP brought in the direct selling system of books.
  • In 1975, set up the first mail-order system for books in Taiwan. 


  • Joined World Federation of Direct Selling Associations in 1978.
  • Founded the first Printmaking Direct Selling company in 1980, introduced abundant graphic art works from museums all over the world.


  • 1989, we introduced series of books from a reputable publisher in Japan, like Kodomo Challenge, Saint Seiya comic series and so on. 


  • In 1991, Forbes Chinese edition, Elle Taiwan
  • We acted as agents for The Economist, Discovery, Money and Traveler.
  • In 1992, introduced Businessweek into Taiwan. 


  • Our first official website was launched in 1998. www.fmp.com.tw
  • 1998-1999, held series of lectures about picture books with Eslite and Macdonald’s in Taiwan.  


  • Officially introduced Korean fashion magazines in 2006.
  • In 2008, our culture and creative brand “TAISO” was founded.


  • In 2011, FMP set up the biggest foreign magazine website in Taiwan, customers can place the order form the choice of hundreds of kinds magazines directly online. http://www.fmp.com.tw
  • In 2019, we are expanding the business, aiming at providing value-added services to business entities around the world.