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for Cross-border E-Commerce Suppliers in Taiwan.


According to the Business Tax Act issued by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in Taiwan, the business entities, which are defined as” The Cross-border E-commerce Suppliers” shall issue cloud invoices to purchasers
The Cross-border E-commerce Suppliers could issue and upload e-invoices via Value-Added-Center.
FMP is an experienced Value-Added Center in Taiwan.
FMP provides cross-border e-commerce suppliers with standard and customized e-invoice projects under the rule of the Laws of MOF in Taiwan.


Our team has been seasoned with years of experience ever since the launch of e-invoice, and we believe that our professional and experienced team will provide you exemplary service.

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They all choose FMP as their supplier for e-invoice solutions.


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Information Security and Privacy Policy

Our systems and data complied with ISO 27001 information security standards. And obtained the e-invoice Value-Added-Center certified by the Ministry of Finance in Taiwan. The privacy and security of personal data are protected by Taiwan laws and regulations.